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Nipple Covers (55mm Wide)

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Nipple Cover Silicone Prosthetics. hand-sculpted and cast using skin-friendly and food-safe silicone. These prosthetics are 55mm wide.

Perfect for special effects photo sessions, bodypainting, Halloween, Cosplay, LARP, Parties and much more! These prosthetics can be directly glued over the nipple without the need for any complex preparation.

This product is encapsulated with cap plastic and has a layer of flashing around the edges. Once applied the flashing can be melted off and the edge will blend seamlessly to your skin.

Available in 4 colours: Pale Flesh, Medium Flesh, Warm Flesh and Dark Flesh. Please select your pigment choice before adding item to your basket. We use Neill's Materials fleshtone pigments to ensure pigment consistency and quality. Custom colours can be discussed with the shop owner.

This product is latex free. Supplied with full colour instructions.

Made to order - please allow 1-3 days for production on top of shipping.