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Need an artist on set? Using our network of industry artists, we can help to find you the most suitable fit for your project.

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We can take physical impressions of all parts of a person's anatomy. This can either be done using industry standard techniques or through digital scanning. Whether you require bespoke prosthetics, limb props or simply to use as a form of art, we can tailor to your needs.

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We work with some of the best sculptors in the film industry to create a high quality, realistic finish to all of our products.

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Whatever you require a mould of, we can use our knowledge to create robust, hard wearing moulds that are built to last.

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Whether you require a product casting in silicone, resin, foam or any other medium, we can utilise our expertise with different materials to create the perfect product for your needs.

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Our artists are skilled in the art of seaming, painting, hair punching and finishing. Whatever your requirements are we can help to bring your vision to life.

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Our team can create a variety of blood rigs and gags. Whether you need a slit throat, blood spray or even a torn off limb, we can create a realistic effect that will stun your audience.

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Utilising our commercial grade 3D Printers, we can digitally model and print your designs in SLA resin. We can also facilitate digital scanning for lifecasts or models to be able to manipulate them digitally before printing.

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We also specialise in the fabrication of armour and more complex props. Through programming and design we can include LEDs, smoke, animatronics, weathering and other effects to design the ultimate practical effect for you.

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Other Services we can facilitate through our network

Design Crazy Lady

Our Midlands based costume team can assist in fabricating bespoke costumes, creature suits and much more.

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Cantor & Nissel

We are able to source hand painted contact lenses from our colleagues at Cantor & Nissel, an MDR Certified manufacturer of custom contact lenses.

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SFX Teeth

We can facilitate high quality SFX Teeth from our two preferred suppliers. Both of these companies create bespoke teeth which are designed by hand and truly unique.



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