About Us

MonsterFX was originally created as a leading supplier in film quality silicone prosthetics. 

Each finished product starts with an idea, which is then researched and sketched out, before being sculpted by industry professionals. Each product is made to order to ensure stringent quality control standards are adhered to.

- If you had a character or concept in mind, we can produce bespoke prosthetics to order

- Over 70+ quality products available online

- Prosthetics manufactured in-house & supplied at affordable prices

- Working to requirements & budget - Please ask!


Following on from this, the MonsterFX team now spend a fair amount of time in the field working on film and TV sets, music productions and casualty simulation. If you have a requirement for artists to be supplied on set, we can cater to your needs and utilise our network of industry professionals to fit your needs. Contact us today to find out more.